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Tue Aug 22 10:18:45 CEST 2023

Vivien Kraus Would Rather Not Be On Gitlab_com commented: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/guile/-/issues/16#note_1522383489

Hello! In case this helps, the examples for the "Using GnuTLS as a cryptography library" section are constructed like this:

In the manual, add: 

@verbatiminclude @value{abs_top_srcdir}/guile/examples/…your example….scm
@end example

In the guile/examples directory, create the …your example….scm file and paste the code in.

In guile/Makefile.am, add examples/…your example….scm file to EXTRA_DIST, at the end of the file.

Add a test to run the example with a managed environment. Create guile/tests/…test to run your example….scm, and add tests/…test to run your example….scm to the TESTS variable in the same guile/Makefile.am, slightly above.

The test script should run the example like this:

(load-from-path "…your example….scm")

You can control the stdin and stdout interactions used by your example, and surely other environment things, around the load-from-path invocation. The easiest example is guile/examples/random-example.scm, run by guile/tests/random.scm.

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