[Help-gnutls] Where is _gory_generate_elg_prime?

Adam ack94598 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 04:05:44 CET 2003

I have just installed Debian stable and Gnome 2 unstable and am trying
to build gnome-terminal from unstable.  The make fails with:

/usr/lib/libgnutls.so: undefined reference to

libgnutls5 version 0.6.0-2, libgcrypt1 version 1.1.11-2, libopencdk4
version 0.4.0-1, gnome-terminal version 2.1.0

Is this a problem with:
- libgnutls5 missing a function
- a library libgnutls5 depends on missing a function
- a bad Debian package (all required packages have been installed)
- gnome-terminal not linking a required library

Please reply via email as I do not subscribe to this list.


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