[Help-gnutls] GnuTLS + GnuPG

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Wed Jul 5 21:40:28 CEST 2006

On Wed 05 Jul 2006 19:34, Mario Lenz wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm new to this mailing list and just wanted to ask a question.
> (Please don't hit me if it's a dumb one, but I just don't get it. I
> neither found anything on the web.)
> Well, I'm playing around with GnuTLS a little bit just to find out
> more about C programming and secure network connections. Well, I
> wanted to write a small program like an echo server with OpenPGP
> authentication. But I dont't even get gnutls-serv to work! I used a
> test key:

Yes it's true :) I've found a bug in gnutls-serv. If you compile from 
source replace the USE_OPENPGP ifdefs with ENABLE_OPENPGP. 

If this doesn't fix your problem, just report again.


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