nOOb Error : No certificates found!

gonzagueddr gonzagueddr at
Wed Apr 14 14:20:55 CEST 2010

I've converted my key into a .p12, then ran your command.
Result is strictly the same ...

lfinsto at a écrit :
> Is your private key encrypted?  This may be the problem.  At any rate, it
> was a problem I ran into when I was trying to get my server-client pair
> working.  I don't recall all of the details I learned at the time, so I
> apologize if this suggestion is wrong or of no use.
> However, if this is the problem, you'll have to generate an unencrypted
> key. This is how I generated an unencrypted key from a p12 file using
> openssl.  I'd have to look up whether it's possible to do it with a
> command from the GNUTLS package and if so, how:
> openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nocerts -in usercred.p12 -out userkey.pem
> I would expect that it would be possible to generate an unencrypted key
> from an encrypted one.
> Laurence Finston

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