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HOY Mike mike.hoy at canberra.com
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I am allocating credentials and setting the trusted file.  This isn't
done again.


Once I have the credentials and trusted file I am making multiple
connections to different servers by:


1.      Init the session to CLIENT.

2.      Set direct on priority

3.      Set credentials.

4.      Connect to server.

5.      Set ptr

6.      Then handshake.


I leave the connection up for 2 seconds (this is during testing) then I


1.      gnutls bye

2.      Drop the connection

3.      Deinit the session.


>From here I repeat step 1-6 and 1-3 for the next server.


For some reason, running this code I loose 4 pages of memory at random.
Are there any known memory leaks with TLS or is my sequence for multiple
connections wrong?


Any ideas?





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