RSA sign/verify and hash generation functions

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Wed Dec 15 18:47:20 CET 2010

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> Did you try the interface in abstract.h for public keys?

Yep, that's working.  Great stuff!

One thing I need that this public key interface doesn't appear to have is a way to get the key size from a public key.  Could that be added, or if it's there someplace, can you point me to it?

Also, I have a need to, given a private key already imported, output a public key in PEM format to a buffer.  The code I have now is doing this:

gnutls_x509_privkey_export_rsa_raw(A, m, e, otherstuff)
gnutls_pubkey_import_rsa_raw(B, m, e)
gnutls_pubkey_export(B, PEM, buf, &buflen)

Should that give me what I want, or do you have another interface to suggest?


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