Problem with session resuming

Sebastien Decugis sdecugis at
Thu Feb 18 11:58:54 CET 2010

> This shouldn't be needed unless you call GCRYCTL_INITIALIZATION_FINISHED
> in your program. gnutls_global_init() should take care of the functions
> you describe. Which version of libgcrypt do you use? (does it fix the
> issue if you use the latest?)

I was using the Debian default version (1.4.1). I just tested with
latest (1.4.5) and the issue is gone. I think I will leave the command
in my code, so that it works even with the "bad" mix: gnutls 2.8.5 with
gcrypt 1.4.1.

Thank you for the tip!
Best regards,

Sebastien Decugis
Research fellow
Network Architecture Group

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