[gnutls-help] Self-test fail: apple's libtool is weird

Daniel E. Macks dmacks at netspace.org
Wed Jun 4 23:00:34 CEST 2014

Building gnutls-3.3.4 on OS X 10.8 with valgrind available gives
several self-test failures in cert-tests: aki, pathlen, pem-decoding.
In all cases, the log indicates that libtool failed due to invalid
flags being used. The "libtool" program Apple supplies is not GNU
libtool, but instead an OS X specific tool for handling some binary
archives. These tests want to call GNU libtool in order to run the GNU
libtool generated programs it just built, where for example from

  VALGRIND="libtool --mode=execute ${VALGRIND}"

But that syntax finds apple's libtool (via PATH search). The right
libtool isn't in PATH at all and isn't present on OS X at all. But it
is available right in the build dir, where it was generated to build
gnutls itself. So the solution is to hardcode use of that local one:

  VALGRIND="../../libtool --mode=execute ${VALGRIND}"

and also in tests/cert-tests/pathlen and tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding

This might only be *required* for platforms where GNU libtool is not
first in PATH that also do have valgrind (either from vendor or
manually installed). But I also don't see a down-side for others.


Daniel Macks
dmacks at netspace.org

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