[gnutls-help] GNU TLS and extensions/supplemental data

Thierry Quemerais tquemerais at awox.com
Mon Mar 9 12:30:59 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'm working on GNUTLS library in order to add some customs/proprietary extensions/supplemental data.
My goal is to not modify GNUTLS source code and to handle my specifics extensions/supplemental data out of GNUTLS instead.

According to my understanding, GNUTLS support it BUT it need to change code inside GNUTLS.

I found all what I need:

1)      To add my supplemental data callback :

gnutls_supplemental_entry _gnutls_supplemental[] = {
                {0, 0, 0, 0}

2)      To add my extensions

extension_entry_st ext_mod_dtcp_server = {
        .name = "NAME",
        .type = 7,
        .parse_type = GNUTLS_EXT_TLS,

        .recv_func = callback,
        .send_func = callback,
        .pack_func = NULL,
        .unpack_func = NULL,
        .deinit_func = NULL,

My questions are:

1)      Is there any way to register extensions and supplemental data callback out of GNUTLS (With public API). I found no way to do it without changing GNUTLS source code, does I missed something ?

2)      If no, I plan to make this work and to re-distribute it and I would like to know why (if there is any reason like security) this work have not been done ?
Why no public API is available to add and handle customs extensions/supplemental data ?

Thank you,

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