[gnutls-help] Root certificates on a Mac

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Mon Feb 22 21:19:10 CET 2016

Hi Ron,

I approached your question from the other side, namely Mac OS X
documentation.  Many of the graphical facilities on Mac OS X are also
available on the cmdline, including the "security" command that lets you:

   security dump-trust-settings > /tmp/a.txt
   security trust-settings-export /tmp/b.txt

Either or both of these two files could help you with your quest.

GnuTLS is a product that stands on its own, I suppose, so you may need
to find a packager/integrator who integrated with these tools for the
most smooth system integration.  Not all of us like to automatically
hand over control to our overlords under the jurisdiction that they are
in, but I agree that documented options are useful.

Anyhow, thanks to your email, it can soon be found by all who use
DuckDuckGo and the alternative search engines!

Good luck,

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