[gnutls-help] TLS v1.3 - Gnus and GnuTLS - Client resets connection

David Engster deng at randomsample.de
Thu Aug 8 11:53:58 CEST 2019

Chris Marusich writes:
> I don't know if post handshake authentication has anything to do with
> the error I saw (I have no reason to believe that it does), but I
> mention this because it makes me wonder if perhaps Gnus needs to be
> updated to play nicely with GnuTLS' implementation of TLS v1.3.
> Another possibility is that Gmail's IMAP server is misbehaving, but I
> don't know if the evidence supports that conclusion at this time.
> Thoughts?  I'm glad I have a work-around, but if there's anything I can
> do to help resolve the actual problem, please let me know.

Yes, a lot of people doing TLS connections in Emacs are currently
struggling with this. For details, see this bug report:


This will be fixed in Emacs 27 (or maybe another Emacs 26 point
release, whichever comes first).


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