[gnutls-help] gnutls_cipher_init Error on armv7 architecture but not on amd64

Daiki Ueno ueno at gnu.org
Wed Sep 22 14:44:42 CEST 2021

Hello Nicolas,

Nicolas Mora <nicolas at babelouest.org> writes:

> On an ARMV7 CPU (Odroid C2 or Raspberry Pi), gnutls_cipher_init
> returns an error:
> $ gcc -o gnutls-cipher-init gnutls-cipher-init.c -lgnutls &&
> ./gnutls-cipher-init
> gnutls_cipher_init Error: The request is invalid.

Given the error is GNUTLS_E_INVALID_REQUEST, I guess it is failing
because some parameters are incorrect.  At first glance IV length for
AES-128-GCM seems to be correct (= 12), while the key length is a bit
longer (= 24).

I tried to reproduce it with qemu-user-static and a docker image from:
but couldn't.  Would it be possible to identify the point where the
error is returned?

Daiki Ueno

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