GPA toolbar and further improvements

Jan-Oliver Wagner
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 16:10:19 +0200

Dear all,

in a personal communication with Peter Gerwinsky we have
agreed on the next steps in GPA development towards the LinuxTag 2000
where the GPA is presented at the G-N-U booth.

Ontop is a 'slick' user interface according to usual stuff normal
users like to see. I know that this is a compromise in terms
of usability. Sigh, color was as well :-)

However, I have added a nice toolbar to gpa. Icons needs to be developed
still. I can check in the source to the CVS, but I would need an account.
I can send just diffs as well if someone likes to incorporate the patches
(to whom in this case?).

A toolbar might be nice for the keyring management dialog as well (replacing
the current buttons at the bottom). What do you think?

There are some problems with different window managers where the dialogs
come up minimized. Peter told me that there was a patch fixing the problem
in parts. Can I have this patch - I will do some tracing to perhaps identify
and fix the problem.

In general, what improvements do you feel most worthy for the presentation
at the LinuxTag 2000? There are only few days remaining - I'll try
my very best.

Who can develop the icons for gpa?



Jan-Oliver Wagner

Intevation GmbH