GPA toolbar and further improvements

Jan-Oliver Wagner
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:56:00 +0200

On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 11:17:25AM +0200, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> > in a personal communication with Peter Gerwinsky [...]
> Gerwinski
> ~
sorry :-)
> > Ontop is a 'slick' user interface according to usual stuff normal
> > users like to see. I know that this is a compromise in terms
> > of usability.
> That depends: As long as you can switch off the tool bar it
> does not hurt power users. ;-)
We must take care to not hurt power users and also novice users. Yes, switching off is a good idea. Perhaps we should set up two profiles, one for power users and one for the newbees.
> > A toolbar might be nice for the keyring management dialog as well (replacing
> > the current buttons at the bottom). What do you think?
> In any case, I want to keep the functionality of the buttons
> which allow you to do _everything_ with the keyboard without
> even touching the mouse. I do not object to a tool bar in
> addition, but we must not lose functionality.
My idea is that a menu will do the job. If the key management matures to a tool of its own, the menu is required anyway.
> > Who can develop the icons for gpa?
> This evening I will meet a graphic designer. We will see ...
Good. We can also ask tigert, but he will not be able to create them for the LinuxTag already. We can take icons from other tools, but to mymind neither the ones of geheimnis nor the ones of seahorse are really adequate. Jan -- Jan-Oliver Wagner Intevation GmbH FreeGIS