GPA 0.4.3 segfaults

Anders Lindén
Wed Feb 20 17:24:02 2002

Got a problem with gpa 0.4.3.
Whenever I try to import a key, I get a segmentation fault. When first starting gpa the errormessage: can't open `/home/anders/.gnupg/keyservers': No such file or directory appears, but it start. THen when trying to import a key, it segfaults. I tried to create an empty file keyservers, but still no luck. Any hints to what can cause this? I'm running Slackware 8.0 with 2.4.17, gnupg 1.0.6.
Trying to import keys from the commandline works fine, so I guess there is something wrong with gpa, not gnupg.

Anders Lindén

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