gpgsm: Problem with certificate

Werner Koch
Wed Jan 22 12:54:02 2003

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:10:06 +0100, Marc Schiffbauer said:

> But I cannot import my own secret S/MIME certificate file which I got
> from our security people and is already signed. This cert ist

Secret keys are not a certificate or signed.  If you got a secret key,
it is probably a PCKS#12 file; as the README states, you can try to
import it using gpgsm:

How to import a private key
There is some limited support to import a private key from a PKCS-12
file.  Note, that this does only import the private key and not any
certificates available in that file. 

 gpgsm --call-protect-tool --p12-import --store  foo.p12

This require that the gpg-agent is running, alternative you may give
the passphrase on the commandline using the option "-P <passphrase>" -
however this is in general not a good idea.  If that key already
exists, the protect-tool refuses to store it unless you use the option