gpgsm: Problem with certificate

Marc Schiffbauer
Wed Jan 22 12:09:02 2003

Hi all!

I'm currently testing kmail with S/MIME Support (aegypten)
Ralf Nolden from KDE recently made nice debian packages for this 
which I am using.

All seems to work fine (plugin initialisation, pinentry-qt etc).

But I have a Problem with my S/MIME Certificate:

I am able to import our (Siemens) CA Certificate as well as other 
users public certs.

But I cannot import my own secret S/MIME certificate file which I 
got from our security people and is already signed. This cert ist 
protected by a passphrase and I am able to import it into mozilla 
mail for example.

Here is the output from gpgsm:

marc@bart:~$ gpgsm --import 
Warning: using insecure memory!
gpgsm: no issuer found in certificate
gpgsm: basic certificate checks failed - not imported
gpgsm: total number processed: 1
gpgsm:           not imported: 1

gpg-agent was running at this time and is configured.
(started with eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)")

My config:
marc@bart:~/.gnupg$ cat gpg-agent.conf
pinentry-program /usr/bin/pinentry-qt
default-cache-ttl 1800
marc@bart:~/.gnupg$ cat gpgsm.conf
agent-program /usr/bin/gpg-agent
dirmngr-program /usr/bin/dirmngr

marc@bart:~/.gnupg$ which gpg-agent

Any hints?

Thanks in advance
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