PR 4

Lorenzo Cappelletti
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 01:27:57 +0100

On Wed Jan 22 at 00:19 +0000, Noel D . Torres Ta=F1o wrote:

> > One thing is worth being pointed out: encoding issue is not related to
> > final .html file, rather to .wml source file.
> I'm referring to wml files


> > The issue here is: what if a translator uses a text editor which garbles
> > others' translation just becuase they are in different encodings?
> Actually wml files are pure ASCII, even spanish special characters (I
> don't know if werner has introduced some special german characters), so
> they can't be corrupted. The HTML entities I'm using are ASCII
> constructed, as you know.

For Spanish there wouldn't be any problem also if you didn't use
entities, I think, becuase Spanish uses a 1-byte encoding.  Anyway,
entities make things even stronger, of course.

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