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Dale Woolridge
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 03:50:20 -0500

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On 10-Mar-2003 23:07 Lorenzo Cappelletti wrote:
| Our representative of mirror admins agreed with me and he's available to
| run a {ftp,www}  He has got domain, too.  He said
| it'd be better for him to have full priviledges over

    This discussion presupposes the desire for having the web site
    mirrored at all.  There are several ftp mirrors, but there appear
    to be no web site mirrors.  Is this even desirable?

    If mirror admins maintain their own zone, it's just
    easier to change IPs, should it become necessary.  On the other
    hand, there's the issue of trust, which is probably more important;
    having (DNS) control in a central location is probably
    best for this reason.

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