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Lorenzo Cappelletti
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 00:31:22 +0100

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On Wed Mar 12 at 03:50 -0500, Dale Woolridge wrote:

>     This discussion presupposes the desire for having the web site
>     mirrored at all.  There are several ftp mirrors, but there appear
>     to be no web site mirrors.  Is this even desirable?

Mmmh... you're right.  We've got two ways out here IMO.

1. Unexistent points to
2. A look-up for returns "server doesn't exist" error.

Which one is the best?  Number 2 maybe?

>     If mirror admins maintain their own zone, it's just
>     easier to change IPs, should it become necessary.  On the other
>     hand, there's the issue of trust, which is probably more important;
>     having (DNS) control in a central location is probably
>     best for this reason.

Well, Werner's running the DNS server and he has to make a decision.  Do
you think that a central management of names would require
a lot of effort?

PS: Werner, could you hand me the e-mail addresses of mirror admins?
I'm going to send them an e-mail on this topic by the end of the week..

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