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Dale Woolridge
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:54:25 -0500

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On 14-Mar-2003 00:31 Lorenzo Cappelletti wrote:
| On Wed Mar 12 at 03:50 -0500, Dale Woolridge wrote:
| >     This discussion presupposes the desire for having the web site
| >     mirrored at all.  There are several ftp mirrors, but there appear
| >     to be no web site mirrors.  Is this even desirable?
| Mmmh... you're right.  We've got two ways out here IMO.
| 1. Unexistent points to
| 2. A look-up for returns "server doesn't exist" error.
| Which one is the best?  Number 2 maybe?

    Actually, when I asked "is this even desirable", I meant does even want web mirrors floating around?  I realize there
    must be a distinction between web mirrors and ftp mirrors within
    the same region.

    As to your question, I would think (1) works best, especially
    with DNS for and above in one place.  A reference to is merely a preference for xx, but failing its
    presence, using makes the most sense to me.


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