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Wed Nov 29 10:00:39 CET 2023


Welcome to this new mailing list.  The intended audience for this
mailing list are implementers of the LibrePGP specification.  This ML
provides a place to discuss technical matters of the LibrePGP (formerly
known as OpenPGP) encryption standard.

Rules for this mailing lists are:

- Be friendly.

- Be technically focused.

- Everything written here is in the Public Domain except for code
  snippets which are under their respective licenses.

- No top posting and please strip qoutes to a sensible size.

- Avoid posting only URLs.  If this can't be avoided please also post a

- Keep the S/N ratio high and avoid a discussion style as introduced
  around 2018 in the OpenPGP working group mailing list.

- Posters which don't stick to these rules may be set on moderation.


The major implementers of the OpenPGP standard as specified by RFC-4880
came together and agreed that the planned updates of the IETF to
RFC-4880 are harmful for the existing deployment of OpenPGP software.
The majority of its users are expecting long-term stability and a real
world focus instead of disruptive changes as recently been proposed the
IETF OpenPGP working group.

RNP (known from the Mozilla Thunderbird mailer) and GnuPG (used by the
majority of other mail programs) are by far the most widely used
implementations with a track record of more than 25 years.  Back in 2018
both did interoperability testing of new OpenPGP features and rolled out
these features in their software to prepare a smooth migration to the
new features.  LibrePGP is based on these OpenPGP updates with minor
additional updates in the same way, this has been done over the 25 years
lifetime of OpenPGP.

The current LibrePGP specification is
which is also known as LibrePGP version 0.8.2.  Update notification with
diffs will be posted here.

The next work item for LibrePGP should be the introduction of
post-quantum encryption due to forthcoming encryption policies.



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