notes and fixes about the 1.4.5 docs

Marco Maggi marco.maggi-ipsu at
Mon Jan 4 13:30:35 CET 2010

I propose the following changes to the Texinfo sources:

1. It is my understanding that the PK/AC has been deprecated
   for a while,  so the node "AC Interface"  should be moved
   into an appendix.

2. The "Available Symmetric Algorithms" node should be nuked
   and  its   contents  moved   as  is  to   the  "Available
   algorithms" node.

3. The  documentation of "gcry_pk_genkey()"  should be moved
   in its own section.

4. Adding  some example to  the pubkey chapter  would really
   help newbies getting started with  the API; no need to do
   something sophisticated (or even meaningful), for example
   (out of the test suite with minor modifications):

/* pk-showoff.c */

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <gcrypt.h>

main (void)
  gcry_sexp_t	key_parms_sexp, key_pair_sexp;
  gcry_sexp_t	public_key_sexp, private_key_sexp;
  gcry_sexp_t	data_sexp, enc_sexp, dec_sexp;
  gcry_sexp_t	signature_sexp;
  gcry_mpi_t	data;
  int rc;

  rc = gcry_sexp_new(&key_parms_sexp, "(genkey (rsa (nbits 4:1024)) (transient-key))", 0, 1);
  if (rc) goto error;

  rc = gcry_pk_genkey(&key_pair_sexp, key_parms_sexp);
  if (rc) goto error;

  gcry_sexp_release (key_parms_sexp);

  public_key_sexp = gcry_sexp_find_token (key_pair_sexp, "public-key", 0);
  if (! public_key_sexp) goto error;

  private_key_sexp = gcry_sexp_find_token (key_pair_sexp, "private-key", 0);
  if (! private_key_sexp) goto error;

  gcry_sexp_release (key_pair_sexp);

  data = gcry_mpi_new(50);
  gcry_mpi_set_ui(data, 123);

  rc = gcry_sexp_build(&data_sexp, NULL, "(data (flags raw) (value %m))", data);
  if (rc) goto error;

  rc = gcry_pk_encrypt(&enc_sexp, data_sexp, public_key_sexp);
  if (rc) goto error;

  rc = gcry_pk_decrypt(&dec_sexp, enc_sexp, private_key_sexp);
  if (rc) goto error;

  rc = gcry_pk_sign(&signature_sexp, data_sexp, private_key_sexp);
  if (rc) goto error;

  rc = gcry_pk_verify(signature_sexp, data_sexp, public_key_sexp);
  if ((0 != rc) && (GPG_ERR_BAD_SIGNATURE != rc))
    goto error;

  fprintf(stderr, "correct signature? %s\n", (0 == rc)? "yes" : "no");


  fprintf(stderr, "error %s\n", gcry_strerror(rc));

/* end of file */

  Attached  is the  second  (and final)  part  of my  typos,
errors, style fixes for the Texinfo source.

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