compiling guix with libgcrypt from git

Matthias Wachs wachs at
Thu Sep 12 09:24:08 CEST 2013

Hi libgcrypt developers,

I am trying to compile the guix package manager with libgcrypt from git.
With 1.5.3 it's compiling, but not with the git version. 

Guix developers told me that I should talk to you, as gcry_md_algo_t is
not deprecated.

It fails to compile with:

g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I./nix  -I./nix -I./nix/libutil -I./nix   -g
-O2 -MT nix/libutil/libutil_a-hash.o -MD -MP -MF
nix/libutil/.deps/libutil_a-hash.Tpo -c -o nix/libutil/libutil_a-hash.o
`test -f 'nix/libutil/' || echo './'`nix/libutil/
In file included from nix/libutil/md5.h:19:0,
                  from nix/libutil/
./nix/libutil/gcrypt-hash.hh:33:60: error: ‘gcry_md_algo_t’ has not been
> declared
./nix/libutil/gcrypt-hash.hh:37:9: error: ‘gcry_md_algo_t’ has not been
make[2]: *** [nix/libutil/libutil_a-hash.o] Error 1

In idea about that? TIA ... and please don't shoot the messenger ...


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Chair for Network Architectures and Services
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