Testing ECC signatures

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov dbaryshkov at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 18:51:06 CEST 2013


I'm currently looking at the ways to add tests for my ECC signatures algo.
As far as I understand, gcrypt test suite does only the sign-verify test.
However if both sign and verify contains errors, the test can result false
positive result.

What I would like to have is a way to check sign and/or verify
functions separately.
For verify I can add a list of valid and invalid signatures and check
them one-by-one.
I'm more struggling about verification of sign() function. DSA, ECDSA and gost
signature algorithms use generated random value. I would like to pass
a pre-defined
"random-override" value (like it is done for several RSA padding modes).
However I see no simple way to pass that further to ecc_sign (in my
case) function.

What would you suggest? Should I just wait till pubkey internal
interface changes to
move S-Exp processing directly to algorithms (if I understood
correctly andthat is
the way the code base currently moves)?

With best wishes

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