Distribution of binary

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Fri Dec 14 01:23:19 CET 2018

Peter Lebbing <peter at digitalbrains.com> wrote:
> I'd still like to enable the DFU method, since it can then all be done
> on any computer without programming hardware (after the factory
> bootloader has been replaced by a smaller alternative DFU bootloader; a
> step that does require programming hardware).

I see your point.  That's fair, when done properly.

Please note that it should not result a situation like:

  (a) Random persons' knowing your offering of Maple Mini (or Blue Pill)
      at a conference.

  (b) They will just take the advantage of this opportunity to get it at
      zero price, and will flash Gnuk on to the board with FSIJ's.

  (c) Selling it at eBay (or equivalent).

If it will happen, the step (c) violates the assumption of experimental
personal use, and it will put FSIJ into difficult situation about their
management of VID.  I'd say that the step (c) constitutes a distribution
of binary, if I were a lawyer.

My request is: Please don't automate it too much, to prevent such a
situation.  I recommend requiring some manual edit (human interaction
step) which can be only proceeded after learning USB things.

Well, it was a coincidence, I just received an email yesterday:

USB Implementers Forum wrote:
> Dear VID Holders,   The USB-IF is going to make our master VID listing
> available on our public website. This is in line with standard industry
> practice and based upon requests from other industry organizations and some
> members.

I hope this oppotunity eventually brings better output of lsusb for Gnuk

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