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On 20/12/2018 12:58, Werner Koch wrote:
> May I suggest to use 1209:2440 for such uses?

Oh, that's a good solution, thanks! That way there's no way the FSIJ
will get sullied by people not observing their conditions.

So what should be the strings for vendor and product?

Suggestions for vendor string:
GnuPG e.V.

(I mean the literal string "None")

Suggestions for product string:
GnuK Token
An OpenPGP Token

With the first product string, Niibe's udev match on product string[1]
will catch this device.

Note that the current code of GnuK will choose these strings based on a
user-supplied VID:PID. So the strings will always be the same for the
supplied VID:PID. It would require code changes to implement "If the
GnuPG e.V. is spreading them, choose that as vendor, otherwise choose

> I applied for this PID

Nice callback to the RFC :-).

> (what a silly acronym given that it is used more commonly on all
> operating systems for sometjhing very different)

Product, process... (production process?). It would be more descriptive
if they called them VendID and ProdID. Or name it a Device rather than a

> Many thanks to the pid.codes folks for assigning that PID.

Yes, they have my thanks as well. It's a great service they are

The USB spec should have worked with 128-bit UUID's generated by vendors
without central oversight from the get-go, if you ask me. This might
have even prevented Microsoft from creating the Microsoft OS Descriptors
as a proprietary method of not relying on the USB-IF supplied
identifiers. Then again, embrace, *extend*, extinguish, right?



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