SWD interface disabled once Gnuk programmed?

Patrick van Staveren trick at vanstaveren.us
Tue Nov 20 23:16:02 CET 2018

Hi there,

I am new to Gnuk so forgive me if this is a newbie mistake...

I have successfully built and programmed Gnuk onto a ST-Link V2 clone
(target=ST_DONGLE). I have programmed it with OpenOCD using another ST-Link
V2 :) it works.

However it now seems that the SWD interface on the Gnuk target board is
disabled so I can't connect with OpenOCD to reprogram it. OpenOCD behaves
as if I'm not plugged into any device.

Is this by design? I assume it might be, to close this off as a vector of
attack. Is there a way to open it back up? I don't mind losing the key I've
generated on it as this is just experimental so far.


Patrick "Trick" van Staveren
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