Bugs: gpg and gpgm share options file ungracefully, English usage

Matthew Skala mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca
Thu Apr 9 19:07:06 CEST 1998

I get this message:

gpgm: /home/mskala/.gnupg/options:1: invalid option
gpgm: /home/mskala/.gnupg/options:2: invalid option
gpgm: /home/mskala/.gnupg/options:3: invalid option

when I run gpgm with this:

cipher-algo BLOWFISH
pubkey-algo ELGAMAL
digest-algo SHA1

in my options file.  Those are valid options for gpg, but they aren't for
gpgm, and since gpg and gpgm use the same options file by default, gpgm
chokes on those options.  It does not silently ignore them as gpg does
with options like -r and -u that don't always make sense.

On another topic, I notice that many of the program's messages are in
slightly broken English; for instance, there are a couple of uses of "his"
where it should really read "its", and a quick check of "strings gpg"
shows occurances of "informations", "Lets" (should be "let's"), "beed"
(should be "been"), etc.  I don't have a list of these but could make one;
would that be helpful?  Do you want it as a patch or just a list or what?

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