--yes option working?

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Fri May 22 07:38:55 CEST 1998

Karl Fogel <kfogel at floss.onshore.com> writes:

>    Use this key anyway? 
> I had thought that GPG would assume the answer to be "yes", since I
> passed the "--yes" flag, but it prompted me anyway.

Make sure that there is enough trust for this user.  The definition of
--yes is "assume yes on _most_ questions".

I can see that that is not an alternative for you, but simple pass a
--yes or (hypothetical) --strong-yes is not good.  What you should do

  - if you get such an error message (I should add a status error
    message (to avoid NLS probs) for this (see --status-fd))
    - use a list option ( --list-key --with-colons ):
            !--- you should find some trust information here ;-)
      to show the user that it is not secure to use this key
    - the status information (which I should add) can you give 
      a hint about the problem
    - use a new option to override this check.  

There is no such option yet and I'm thinking whether to add some kind
of "--force-xxx" or a way to say that key xy is always trusted (this
may be better because I can record this in the TrustDB).

Please don't use such a --force option per default.  I'll add some
stuff soon.


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