--yes option working?

Karl Fogel kfogel at floss.onshore.com
Fri May 22 01:00:30 CEST 1998

Werner Koch wrote:
>There is no such option yet and I'm thinking whether to add some kind
>of "--force-xxx" or a way to say that key xy is always trusted (this
>may be better because I can record this in the TrustDB).
>Please don't use such a --force option per default.  I'll add some
>stuff soon.

Okay, don't worry.  I think I have got a good way for gnupgp.el to
handle all such question prompts now, without making the elisp code
messy either.

Just tonight I got it working finally: I can do M-x
gnupgp-encrypt-region and it handles both untrusted and trusted
addressees.  Happiness. :-)

A --force flag to GPG is by no means necessary; it is possible to have
"force" in the Emacs interface regardless of whether GPG supports it

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