1.0.0g segfaults in key generation

Piotr Pass laslo at wodip.opole.pl
Thu Dec 2 19:47:17 CET 1999


Subject says it all. 1.0.0g always segfaults for me
when trying to generate "DSA and ElGamal keypair"
with 1024 bit key size and 1y expiration time.
Actually key is created, but it appears in keyrings
as "[image of size 0]" and "[image of size x]"
where x is something about 400. One is in secring
another in pubring. Sorry for not showing exact
program output, but I've swithed back to 1.0.0
after this, and forgot to save the output. If anybody
will try to generate a key as a test, then first
save a backup copy of your pubring and secring,
becouse those keys which will get into your keyrings,
will propably be unremovable (gpg will segfault trying
to remove it).

That's it.

If somebody will need an exact output of gpg, then
mail me, and I'll make 1.0.0g once more and make

With regards,
-- laslo

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