GnuPG 1.0.1pre2 released

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Dec 4 15:16:52 CET 1999


GnuPG 1.0.1pre2 has just been released.  Please test this version
again and complain asap if you encounter serious bugs.  (1323k) (139k)

$ md5sum gnupg-*1.0.0h.*gz
b0ff23887134d142234785e788892512  gnupg-1.0.0g-1.0.0h.diff.gz
4ecf2f44aaf616a9c9f797d2e1618fb2  gnupg-1.0.0h.tar.gz

What's new:

     * Some bug fixes.

     * New option --fast-list-mode.

     * New keys are now generated with an additional preference to

     * Removed the GNU Privacy Handbook from the distribution as it
       will go into a separate one.

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