Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jan 18 17:08:42 CET 1999

Matthias Urlichs <smurf at> writes:

> ... I just looked at the code -- this looks like it exports only RSA keys.
> That seems not to be too useful...??? or did I miss something?

Yes I missed to comment it better.

> NB, re extensions -- PGP for Windows supports attaching a picture to a
> signature, AFAIK. Any idea how that is done? I'd like gpg support for it.

This is a new feature of PGP which is not defined in rfc2440 and
therefore I'm not going to support it.  A picture does not result
in a more trusted key and it makes keys really huge.  Its is better to
compare the passport picture.  There is already a Faces database
available.  Signing a checksum of that picture does make more sense
than to put the picture into the keyring.

I know that a program which displays pictures sells better than one
that only displays names.     

> NB2, the status-fd code reports RSA_OR_IDEA even if somebody has hacked
> support for these into gpg. Is that intentional?

Yes. But you can ignore it if you know that RSA is available and you
can do a runtime check by looking at the output of gpg --version

> >   wwwkeys.{eu,us}.net.pgp
> > 
> ??? That doesn't even remotely resemble a domain name or an URL...

Try:  $ echo wwwkeys.{eu,us}


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