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Sat Jun 19 16:15:18 CEST 1999

Attention South Florida Vacationers... Luxury Oceanside 2 bedroom 
Suites at 
the 5-Star World Famous ALEXANDER HOTEL in Miami Beach, Florida 
with 2 FREE 
roundtrips in our Private Aircraft to your choice of prime 
including Orlando, Bahamas, Key West and Naples, FREE use of 
Limousine and FREE use of our Magnificent 60' Yacht during your 
Prices starting as low as $3,250 per week.

Luxury Services International, Inc.
You may call us toll free at 888-217-8671 or fax us at 
800-422-1535 to 
reserve the vacation of a lifetime.

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you know 
registered your name and address with our website.  Please accept 
apologies if you received this message in error. ***

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