GnuPG, error compiling

Dirk Meyer dirk.meyer at
Mon May 10 23:08:57 CEST 1999

Werner Koch wrote:,

> > gpg complains there are 20 random bytes missing,
> > but I have no hint why, /dev/random works.
> Keep hitting on your keyboard.

nope, I hit it for 15 minutes, nothing happens after this message.
And it is every time 20 Bytes, regradless what I do.

> It won't work if you have a signed and encryoted message.  This is due
> to the ugly message format of pgp which puts the signature in front of
> the signed material.  It not easy to work arounf this and I don't like
> to use temporary files or other complicated schemes to solve this just
> for PGP 2 

I remember reading this problem somewhere.
(or you told it at the ffg99).
But my test was encrypt only.
Please notice that even if you add "idea"
you will be not able to crpyt to users of old "pgp2".

Just make a hint somewhere, cause if someone try,
he did not see the fault in the created message.

I don't need a fix for this,
just name it for documentation

I would like to switch to the
new keys as soon as possible.
All I needed is in the current release (with contrib).

kind regards Dirk

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