bug: output from decrypting clearsigned text has CR's inserted into it

Erik Rossen rossen at freesurf.ch
Sun Nov 7 18:38:39 CET 1999

Has anyone else noticed that gpg --decrypt output of clearsigned messages
has a bug that inserts extra carriage returns at the end of each line?  
This becomes painfully obvious when using the pgp4pine encryption /
decryption filter under pine - all of the verfied messages are shown
double-spaced. :-( I have found that this only affects clearsigned
messages, not messages that were compressed and signed.

If you wish to test this yourself, try the following:

Create a clearsigned file:
gpg --output testfile.gpg --clearsign testfile

Check the clearsigned file:
gpg --output testfile2 --decrypt testfile.gpg

Look at all of the extra ^M's that got inserted:
vi testfile2

NOTE: VIM might automatically switch to [dos format] because of the CRLFs
at the end of each line.

Doing a grep '\\r' on the source tree of GnuPG 1.0.0 reveals a possible
cuplrit (NOTE: I am not certain that this is the cause, just a first guess
after a peek at the code.):

g10/textfilter.c, lines 100 or 169 - CR's are being inserted into the text
stream to do the MD5 calculation, and then the modified stream is
outputted rather that the original stream. (?)

I've noticed from looking at the last three months of messages in the
archives that CRLF interpretation problems have come up under other
contexts before, but I haven't seen anyone mentioning problems with the
bulk text - just the beginning and end of messages.  Please forgive me if
someone has brought up this problem before, and point me to the solution.


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