bug: output from decrypting clearsigned text has CR's inserted into it

Frank Tobin ftobin at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 7 14:33:35 CET 1999

Erik Rossen, at 18:38 on Sun, 7 Nov 1999, wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that gpg --decrypt output of clearsigned messages
> has a bug that inserts extra carriage returns at the end of each line?  
> This becomes painfully obvious when using the pgp4pine encryption /
> decryption filter under pine - all of the verfied messages are shown
> double-spaced. :-( I have found that this only affects clearsigned
> messages, not messages that were compressed and signed.

I've noticed this also, and have included methods to work around it in
pgpenvelope, another Pine filter.

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