Simple Feature Request: config option for egd pool.

Justin Hahn jehahn at IMSIP1.BU.EDU
Sun Mar 26 21:00:46 CEST 2000

Last time I checked gpg you were expecting to find the entropy pool in every
user's home directory. I've always felt that kind of absurd. What I'd LIKE
to do is something like have a mode 755 directory called /entropy
where I keep entropy pools for each application that needs it (or maybe just

Unfortunately to do this with gpg right now I have to edit source. I can do it,
but what I'd REALLY like (and what openssh does) is have a configure time option of the form:

./configure --prefix=<where gpg goes> --with-egd-pool=/etc/entropy

and have gnupg use the one I pick. That way I don't have to do all sorts of 
sillyness with symlinks, and all that, and can keep the # of egd daemons lying
around to a very small #.

Now I'd code this myself, except that I'm no good with autoconf, and it should
be a fairly simple change.

Please note, I'm not a list member, so kindly cc your replies to me. 


Justin Hahn	      |        <jehahn at>
Systems Administrator | IMSIP Cluster / MDSP Cluster 

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