Fails when compiling [WAS: Re: [Announce] GPGME 1.0.0 released]

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jsogo at
Fri Oct 1 13:44:45 CEST 2004

El vie, 01-10-2004 a las 13:11 +0200, Marcus Brinkmann escribió:
> At Fri, 01 Oct 2004 11:57:03 +0200,
> Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo at> wrote:
> > > Holy Bartholomeus, there is actually somebody compiling GPGME without
> > > GpgSM support!  You'd think I would have thought of testing that
> >  Sorry for that, but I GpgSM is not even in Debian ;-)
> Doesn't really matter.  Just add --with-gpgsm=/usr/bin/gpgsm to the
> configure line, and when gpgsm is available and installed, *poof*, it
> will work.

  Ok, will done that.

> Of course, for real usability, you may want to make gpgme suggest or
> recommend gpgsm.

  This will need to wait for a GpgSM package to be ready ;-)

> I guess for the current release you might want to compile it without
> gpgsm support.  It doesn't matter, but in either case I think a
> dependency on the first gpgme version compiled with gpgsm support will
> need to be added to the gpgsm package manually.

  Perhaps a enhaces. Or does gpgsm depends on gpgme (and gpgme on gpgsm,
a nice circular dependency)

> >  But we could solve that as soon as Aegypten is considered stable enough
> > to be "published" in Debian pool.
> It already is, in fact, we are trying to encourage Debian people to
> package it for months now.  There has been some work on it, but no
> real break-through yet.
> Are you interested? :)

  Yes, but I am not very sure about Ägypten picture. I mean, I don't
know which modules are needed, which is the canonical URL to get them,
and IIRC Matthias Urlichs was also packaging some of these modules.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
   jsogo at
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