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Tim Mooney mooney at
Thu Oct 21 18:42:07 CEST 2004

In regard to: Re: Build problems, Werner Koch said (at 6:31pm on Oct 21, 2004):

>> - even with the newer version of vasprintf from newer libiberty, there
>>    might be a problem.  Either the older or newer version of vasprintf.c
>>    will build with IRIX's cc, but I found strong warnings in stdarg.h that
>>    programs should not assume that va_list is writeable, and the
>>    implementation from libiberty does.
> Well we should take the latest one from gnulib which is the
> replacement of -liberty.  It might be easier to get rid of aprintf
> entirely for 1.3 - I added the vasprintf just for one simple case
> which can be modified to not use asprintf.  I gu8ess that is what I
> will do now.

Thanks Werner.

BTW, once I got by the vasprintf/asprintf build issue, gnupg 1.3.91 passed
all its checks on Tru64 UNIX 5.1b.

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