GPGME-Error rungpg.c:487: command_handler: Assertion `gpg->cmd.code' failed. (solved!?)

Christian Kamps Christian.Kamps at
Tue Jul 24 14:42:00 CEST 2007

I don't know what i did exactly (because ich changed nothing directly
related to the gpgme-calls) but now it works.

> Run with valgrind to check for memory access errors (in your code and
> in GPGME).
> Run with GPGME_DEBUG=3 and see if the log reveals something.
> Attach gdb to the core file or if possible at run time and try to find
> out what's going on.
Thank you for your recommendations! They'll surely help me next time
I'm in trouble :-)
I think the error was in my code and related to a string compare
(which in the actual version no longer exists), which may not have
worked correctly, because of a "\r\n" in the middle of the string.
But as I can't reproduce the error anymore myself I'm not really sure.

thank you very much (and excuse me for wasting your time!)

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