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André Rothe arothe at
Tue Jul 21 11:33:31 CEST 2009


Thanks a lot - it works! The only thing I have changed is the -t  
option. All other things I had implemented as you have described. The  
complete document is a canonical text document, because I have encoded  
it just before I start gpg. I have sucessfully tested it with Evolution.

>> as the signature creation command, but I'm not sure with the -t.
> The -t is fine, but not required if you follow the rules:
>       Note: Implementations can either generate "signatures of a
>       canonical text document" or "signatures of a binary document", as
>       defined in [1].  The restrictions on the signed material put forth
>       in section 3 and in this section will make sure that the various
>       MIC algorithm variants specified in [1] and [5] will all produce
>       the same result.

Best regards

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