AGP on Android

Nathan Freitas nathan at
Tue Aug 17 00:10:40 CEST 2010

I just wanted to jump in here, as I originally joined this list during
my own efforts port GPG to Android. I ended up deciding to support the
work of APG instead, because I felt that perhaps new implementation on
BouncyCastle was more appropriate for Android, even with the performance

As for this notion that Android is just a first world phenomenon, I can
tell you that availability of Android is growing very quickly throughout
the world, thanks in large part to many of the mobile manufacturers in
China using it it instead of their own proprietary or locally developed
mobile OSes. Growth of Android amongst middle class users in China,
India, the Middle East, and even some parts of Africa, is strong. Yes,
the $10 Nokia's and last generation WinMo phones still rule in quantity,
but Android is evolving quickly out of its early adopter, luxury phase.

On 8/16/10 5:52 PM, Milo wrote:
> There is another thing to mention - data transmission security is
> Ahillean heel of modern mobile phone networks. For couple of reasons

I am also the developer who ported Tor to Android aka "Orbot", and I can
tell you it runs great, even on a G1, while taking phone calls. We've
just quietly pushed the 1.0 release into the Android Market, so please
check it out. In addition, we have an OtRChat app which can run over
Tor, and provide encrypted XMPP, etc.

You can find out more at:

mobile OSes vendors). It would be nice to push this topic further
> (despite some potential difficulties - like one mentioned by you)
> because not much is happening on this field.

That's what we are doing at Guardian :

Feel free to join our dev list or find us on #guardianproject on irc.


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