GPGME - omit gpg-agent / pinentry passphrase dialog

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Dec 2 18:18:39 CET 2010

On Thu,  2 Dec 2010 14:22, daniel at said:

> is it somehow possible to omit the (configured) gpg-agent / pinentry
> when using libgpgme? I know that I can turn it off by editing gpg.conf
> (The use-agent option).

No, that is not possible.  Look at the 2.1 beta and you will see why:
gpg-agent is now a mandatory part of gpg because it is used for all
public key operations involving a secret key.

If you want to use your own pinentry, you may do so: We provide envvars
passed to the pinentry which can be set by the application to convey
information to the pinentry.  Such a pinentry may then loop back to the
application.  gpg-preset-passphrase(1) is another option to control
passphrase entry.



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