Including gpgme.h fails with i686-mingw-w64

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Apr 6 10:13:16 CEST 2011

On Tue,  5 Apr 2011 18:43, aheinecke at said:

> I understand your point about making as few assumptions as possible and 
> defining your own types. But wouldn't it then be better named gpgme_ssize_t ? 

We once changed the gpgme data functions to be similar to the standard
IO functions.  Thus we need ssize_t and can't use a custom type - such a
custom size would shift the problem to the application which needs to
see how to match gpgme_size_t and the standard ssize_t.  The whole point
of the API change was to make using gpgme easier.

> Can there be a check if ssize_t is already defined instead of having a 
> conflicting definition of a system type in a header file?

There should be one but wait ... I just checked and noticed that it is
hardwired in gpgme.h.  For other types, like socklen_t we use a
configure test.

Having said this, I reconsider and will add a configure test.  Thus if
gpgme and the application are built on the same platform (or under
Windows the same version of the toolchain), it should work.  Libgcrypt
also needs it.



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