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Werner Koch wk at
Sat Apr 7 12:16:00 CEST 2012

On Fri,  6 Apr 2012 21:38, wking at said:

> 1) Creating an Assuan server that listens at a standard socket
>    (e.g. ~/.assuan/S.<program-name>) should probably be part of
>    libassuan.  Then I could avoid duplicating a lot of gpg-agent.c's
>    socket handling code.  Should I move that code over?

In theory you are right.  However, I prefer to keep the code separated.

> 2) gnupg/jnlib is ~10k lines, which seems big enough to be a
>    stand-alone library to me ;).  If you don't want to release it as a

GIT master has no more jnlib; it is part of gnupg/common.  Marcus and me
already talked about having GnuPG runtime library.  However, a
standalone library is a lot of work because you have to design a solid
and stable API and maintain it for a long time.  Thus the current idea
is to gradually move certain functionality over to libgpg-error and
eventually rename libgpg-error.  If we start to support 64 bit Windows,
we will likely need something like this.

>    stand-alone library, it should probably at least have its own git
>    repository.  That way you could use git submodules to include it in
>    gnupg, and still easily borrow the code to use it in other

Hmmm, this still requires to limit changes to the API to a minumum.
There is also the lincese question.



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