[gpgme][Feature Request] indicate option to gpgme_op_import*

jbar jeanjacquesbrucker at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 14:46:53 CEST 2012

I would like to try making a patch, but even with cscope, I didn't have found the real code used in the engine when a gpgme_op_import* is called. (:-/)

I would like to use some gpgme_op_import_ext* function with an additional flag parameter to do like the "--import-options" of GnuPG.

(ie mainly to clean or minimalize an imported key).

We really need to clean keys in our program (eg "ludd node", and we will also need to minimalize some keys in the futur).
But today the only solution I see is to make an ulgy system("gpg ...") call. :'-(

May you please help ?

jbar <jeanjacquesbrucker at gmail.com>
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