[PATCH] gpgme-tool: Return more detailed XML from KEYLIST

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Sep 28 08:46:42 CEST 2012

On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:43, wking at tremily.us said:
> src/gpgme-tool.c (cmd_keylist): Convert output from a list of
> "key:<primary-fingerprint>" lines to more detailed XML.  There's still
> missing data under subkeys and uids.

Please don't describe the changes in detail.  If such a description is
required, put them into comments in the code.   See how I applied them.

The commit logs are used to generate the ChangeLog for tarball
releases.  If you want to add more stuff, you may do it after a tear-off
line, like:

  gpgme-tool: Return more detailed XML from KEYLIST

  gpgme-tools.c (foo): New.
  (main): Add new option --example.
  This, won't go into the ChangeLog but is ofthen useful to describe the
  change in more detail.  The ChangeLog is only there to satisfy the
  requement of the GPL, whereas the commit message should be useful for
  the developing and maintaining the code.

If you don't want a ChangeLog entry at all, use commit message similar to:

  gpgme-tool: Fix typos

  I should consider to use fly-spell mode to avoid all these typo fix
  commits ;-)

  Signed-off-by: foo at example.org

> the number of output lines by a factor of ~50.  Does this look like a
> useful direction (in which case I can fill in the subkeys and uids
> stubs), or would you like me to handle this in a different manner

Yes.  Eventually I would like to have a --summary or --brief option
which prints just one line per key.  Might be easier for debugging.
But don't bother, if I feel the need for it I can quickly do it myself.



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