Most GnuPG 2.1.1 tests fail on Solaris 10

Laurent Blume laurent at
Thu Dec 18 19:41:57 CET 2014

Le 2014/12/18 14:30 +0100, Werner Koch a écrit:
> Well, if Solaris is the last of the modern Unices to not support a 
> POSIX shell, I would indeed tag it as wontfix. 

Oh, it has some POSIX shells, just not as default. So wontfix it is, good!

> Alright, this is not Solaris specific.  You have this problem on all
> Unices because the path length of a Unix domain socket is limit (107
> seems to be a common value).
> We hafe this socket redirection feature but the API for this also uses
> the sun_path field of the sockaddr_un structure.  Thus we have the same
> limitations.  But that would also require manual configuration.
> Is it really worth to do that or should we better document that
> limitation?

Some more feedback would help, since the gpg-agent error was hidden at 
that point.
Like: «WARNING: the total path length of the gpg-agent socket is longer 
than 107, that may prevent it from starting».
For regular use, I guess it's fine, but I'm still looking for a 
practical solution for the successful run of »gmake check».
Just the basic name takes 38 characters: « 
/gnupg-2.1.1/tests/openpgp/.gpg-agent ».
The way the packaging buildfarm I'm using works, I'll have trouble to 
get below 107.
Would it be possible to eg use a directory in /tmp?


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